About Us

We are a family of 4, 3 beauties and a beast!  We have been land dweller all our life so far, and has a nice place located at the East of Singapore.  The place is very near to the beach!

The beast, Jason,  in his early 40s and have a stable job.  I will be retiring from my current job in about 8 years time, and whether will I continue to work or begin cruising around the world is something that still work in process.  Few factors to consider: Financial status, Daughters education/job stability and dependency, and most important is wife’s inclination.  I first tried windsurfing in 1987, but financially didn’t allow me to continue.   I only started water sport again sometime in 2000, which I did windsurfing for about 3 years.  I was really crazy over windsurfing then, I will be at the beach waiting for wind almost all sat, sun and holiday for the three years.   The idea of liveaboard was modded  during the windsurfing years.  However, no actual action was put in place to realise it except some internet reseach which didn’t reveal much and cost seems high.  I stopped windsurfing when there was a change to position in my job, and I switch to golf for the next 5 years, the idea of liveaboard also push deep into the back of the brain.  Only began sailing in Aug 12, joined the Basic Sailing Course, Power Pleasure Craft Course (PPCDL), Singapore Sailing Federation Level 1 Sailing Clinic all in Aug 12.  Just pass my PPCDL on first try with 29/30 on 19th Sept 12, and will be doing my PPCDL handling test on the 13th Oct 12.

Beauty No. 1 – Lydia, my wife.  She is a housewife ever since my elder girl was born.  She is  not so into water sport, but she has been giving me all the supports.  Without her agreement, you will not see this blog as I will not have a boat and to liveaboard.  She is able to adopt the new lifestyle very fast, and already has been working out her plan for some of the routines.

Beauty No. 2 – Valerince, 16+.  She is a ballerina, has been dancing since 5-6 years old and she’s current doing her International Baccalaureate at School of the Art.  She is also all cool about liveaboard, and she knows what she wants if to live on a boat.  She is the biggest influence in the boat selection, and indeed she has good taste.  Two more years she will need to decide to study for her degree locally or overseas, by then we should be in better position to support here.

Beauty No.3 – Erica, 12.  She is currently doing her Primary School Leaving Exam.  Not much pressure on her, not that she is a very smart kid, it’s just that we don’t believe in all studies, having straight As.  Kids need to enjoy, play.  Erica is a drummer, and pretty sport incline.  The timing to start liveaboard now is also right as she can opt for a Secondary School that is nearby where we are berthing.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I really appreciate you sharing all this information as I too dream of the lifestyle that you’ve described.

    Is there anyway to meet up in person to find out more of your experiences? Particularly the maintenance side of the boat.

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