We renamed her to Edgewater, which is also the name of my current house The Edgewater.  We like the name as it truly represent our living at the edge with the water all the time.

We also didn’t use this name as Valerine found the name “original” so we toyed with new ideas, found many on the internet but it has no meaning to us.  Then an idea struck! That is to use our Chinese zodiacs which are 2 Rats, 1 Dog and 1 Dragon, which form the abbreviation of R2D2!  It sounded awesome and unique for a boat though it’s a character in StarWar.  The name R2D2 stay for few days till while we continue to think of new ideas.  Then on the eve of the transfer of ownership, it struck me that R2D2 may be too difficult to radio especially during emergency and there are lots of explanation required.  So I explained to the 3 beauties and to use Edgewater instead.
So now I have The Edgewater and Edgewater both are our living.

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