About This Blog

I believe many of you will have this thought of living on a boat, but didn’t believe that it is something that is realisable.  It could be due to cost, practicability, family objections, misinformed etc.  I am like one of you many years back, however the thought surfaced again sometime in May 2012.  I couldn’t recall what triggers the thought, may be was from an article on a magazine about Darren Lim doing it.  Anyway I did some searches on internet about living aboard in Singapore, could not find any useful info until I found on a blog by Kris Beevers who provided a lots of details and reference on living aboard in Singapore.  Following his reference, I began research on the cost of a used boat, all other expected expenditure and consideration for living aboard.  Conclusion was it is something doable, and my wife, Lydia, is supportive of the idea.

So a four years plan was put in place to make the dream come true in 2016, all preparation works start in 2012.  However, things were developing faster than we what expected it to be.  The dreams will be something that we will be actually doing it by end Dec 12.  It is a time compression.

I have to declare that I’m not the only liveaboard in Singapore and neither very experience in buying boat, it’s just that the info is not readily available. I will share in this blog the collections of my research, experience and diary of a liveaboard.  Hope this will give someone a better perspective and have some info to use it for his own research to fulfill his dream.


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