WHY? The immediate respond is that the idea was fun, romantic and cool.  However, spending sometime to think of it again and pen it down it’s more than just those, there are tangible benefits that I wanted to achieve as well.

  • It’s cool! Come on, don’t tell me it’s not.  The idea is cool if to compare to living in a unit among many units, among multi-stories and mutlti-blocks of urban jungle. Our life has been to stereo-type, I wanted to do something different.
  • It’s romantic! This is definitely true if you are only a couple but even with kids it can still be romantic.  During our first sailing trip(very short)  as a family, I saw the girls staring out at the sea while sitting on the swim platform when we making way is something romantic to me.  I didn’t ask them what were they thinking at that moment though.
  • It’s to get out of the rat race!  I have to think of way to get out of the rat race. For those who read Rich Dad, Poor Dad will know what the concept is but I can never know how too.  As far as my computation now, liveaboard will definitely be cheaper than staying on land and I would plan to save enough to buy a second property to have passive income from these property while liveaboard.
  • It’s water front property at a tiny fraction of the million! Well… unless I strike lotteries, I would never have a water front property.  This is the closes to that and it’s siting on the water, literally!
  • It’s all-in-one! It’s a house, it’s a transportation. It has all the basic thing we need, we sail to holiday with our house. What else can you ask for?

As all things in life, nothing is perfect, there are both sides to a coin.  There are sacrifices to make; space, rocking place form, high bandwidth internet and some inconvenient.

As of now these are  the reasons/factors that make us a liveaboard.  Over the next few months, I will spare on the computed cost, life style and lessons learn.

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